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Bee Manly Hands Lotion Bar

Bee Manly Hands Lotion Bar

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Did you know that the original bee bar lotion was formulated for a man? It was! He was a machinist at Boeing and his hands were so dry, they were cracked and bleeding. Our queen bee tried different formulas on him until there was one that worked. Presenting the Bee Manly Hands Solid Lotion, same great bar with more masculine appeal. The bar is great for men it can last through several washes and is unprecedented as a soothing moisturizer for dry and cracked skin.

Available manly scents: Smoky Cedar (#1 selling Bee Manly Scent) warm cedar with a little spice/smoke, Tea Tree Spice – spicy Tea Tree, and Naked with no added scent. A perfect and easy choice for the man in your life. These 2oz bars come hand-wrapped in a tin. Testers are a 2oz un-tinned bar.

Ingredients: See Bee Bar

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