Honey House Naturals

Bee Manly Balm and Elixir Gift Set - 2 Pieces

Get two beard grooming products in one great gift. Certified Made with Organic Bee Manly Beard Balm and Beard Elixir are both used to condition and soften beard hair. The Beard Balm can give medium hold to tame beard hair. The Beard Elixir can give the beard shine while soothing and moisturizing irritated skin beneath the beard. Transform your "Grizzly to Groomed" with Organic Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Organic Beeswax and other amazing ingredients. Four scent options: Naked (no added scent), Smoky Cedar (cedar & spice), Brisk Citrus (tangerine & herb), Rugged Mint (peppermint & spearmint). Gift Set Includes: Beard Balm in a 1.5oz round twist off tin, Beard Elixir in a 1oz glass spray bottle and a mesh bag. Varieties Smoky Cedar Beard Balm and Elixir Brisk Citrus Beard Balm and Elixir Rugged Mint Beard Balm and Elixir Naked Beard Balm and Elixir

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